The Seven Chakras Explained
chart of the divine self

Chart of Your Mighty God Presence

Chart of Your Mighty God Presence       This is the picture the divine you, your real and living self. Hovering above is your Mighty God Presence, a fire infolding itself, a power more stupendous

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figure 8 flow of energy

How to Manifest Higher Consciousness through the Light in Your Chakras

How to Manifest Higher Consciousness To manifest higher consciousness you must unlock the energy of God which is the spark of life in your heart, the threefold flame of your Real Self. The power of the

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Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra – Your Link to Divinity

The Heart Chakra The twelve-petaled heart chakra is the most important chakra. From the heart chakra, the energy of life that descends to you from your I AM Presence over the crystal cord and through the

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three fold flame

God in Your Heart is the Threefold Flame

The Three Fold Flame of the Heart St. Germain said: “The threefold flame is the presence of God anchored in your heart. It is the presence of God with you. The flame that burns within your heart

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7 chakras

Harmony and Love – How to Increase Light

Purified Chakras in Your Light Body As you keep your harmony in thought, word and action, you can sustain the light in your chakras and your body. This takes discipline: Do not react physically or emotionally

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balancing chakras

Using Fiery Coil of Energy Balancing Chakras

The Fiery Coil of Life By your application to clearing and balancing your chakras, there is built in your aura a fiery coil of life. As you look down at your feet, the coil proceeds from what would be

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Base Chakra

How to Clear All Your Chakras using Decrees

The Fourth Ray is the ray of God’s Purity. The color of this ray is a dazzling white light, best focused in the diamond. Archangel Gabriel, as the Archangel of the Fourth Ray, initiates us in the uses

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purified human aura

The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras

My Witness for the Teachings of the Ascended Masters: I first read about the three fold flame of the heart in the book, The Human Aura by Kuthumi. As the threefold flame was being described in living words,

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The Crown Chakra

Increase Mastery through your 7 Chakras the Crown Chakra

Your Crown Chakra Of your 7 chakras, the crown chakra is where you are intended to experience the mind of God. Through the gift of intelligence you exercise the illumination of the Mind of Christ and

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