7 Chakras CHART – Base to Crown Chakras

A 7 Chakras Chart

The order of the chakras for balancing and healing:

Start in the heart –
which is the center or 
the central sun of your being –
and create a spiral:

The spiral goes through
the throat, which is the second chakra,
the solar plexus,
the third eye,
the seat of the soul,
the crown chakra and arrive at
the base chakra of the Divine Mother.

So each time you create a spiral,
see the pure chakra and its petals.
For your information:
The heart has 12 petals,
the throat 16,
the solar plexus 10,
the third eye 96,
the seat of the soul 6,
the crown 972 and
the base of the spine 4.

The number of petals to the chakra
determines its vibration and
the plane of heaven it corresponds to.

So the very base of the spine has the fewest petals,
because it relates closest to the physical octave,
because it is the Divine Mother’s light and life-force
that sustains your physical body.

As you get higher when you get 972 petals –
the thousand petal lotus,
you really have a tremendously high pulsating frequency 
that can happen in the crown chakra.

Look at the chakras, 
look at the violet flame and 
visualize it blazing through those organs and cells near the chakras in your body.

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Holy Christ Self, beloved Saint Germain and beloved Zadkiel,
come forth now in the Victory of the God Flame.
Seal us in the Violet Flame.
Purge and purify us.
Consume now all that is less than our Christ Perfection, 
transmute that energy and
bless all life by its purity.
Send it forth to our great causal body of love
as the harvest of our good works on earth.

Adapted from Elizabeth Clare Prophet, lecture.

Violet Flame and the Seven Chakras –
Elizabeth Clare Prophet