7 Chakras CHART – Colors, Gemstones & Chohans

7 Chakras Colors & Gemstones

Each of the 7 color rays of the Holy Spirit
carries a specific quality of healing,
each color ray corresponding to
one of the seven chakras and to
specific gemstones.

Each of the Seven Chohans
magnifies the color,
the healing quality and
the light frequency of the color ray he sponsors
as well as of the corresponding gemstones.

The Color Rays of the Seven Chohans

. . . provide for your healing at
all levels of consciousness in
your four lower bodies.

In order for you to become whole,
you must achieve healing in
your four lower bodies:
the etheric body,
the mental body, the desire body and
the physical body.

Therefore, call upon the Chohans by name
to assist you in balancing your chakras
through the light of their rays,
healing qualities and gemstones. 

Saint Germain. (1996). Pearls of Wisdom. Vol. 39, No. 13.

Clear Quartz crystals are resonators and
the divine mother’s chalice
in the earth and in your heart.
Into the clear quartz crystal of the Mother
is poured that which you are unable to contain
but may so do one day.

And therefore,
as earth is the repository of the great power of God,
so let these crystals be
the resonators, resonators, resonators,
establishing, then, the resonance, the vibration,
Alpha to Omega.

Let them be the resonators of amethyst crystal and
every other gemstone,
for it is the Divine Mother’s chalice in the earth,
on the altar of the heart, and
upon the altar of each one’s invocation.
Elohim Peace. (1988). Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 31 No. 45.

Physical Gemstones Continually Emit Coils of Light.

These emanations are immediately qualified
by the wearer of the stone. Always realize as your heart goes,
so goes that emanation.

You have multiplying factors for
both light and darkness.
Amplification of change is
conditioned by the will to change
within the individual.

The chakras themselves emit jewel-fire.
And thus, the collective reading of a planetary home—
as you would say, “the temperature”—
may be taken at any hour.
Kuan Yin. (1981). Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 24 No. 33.