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three fold flame

God in Your Heart is the Threefold Flame

The Three Fold Flame of the Heart St. Germain said: “The threefold flame is the presence of God anchored in your heart. It is the presence of God with you. The flame that burns within your heart

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Heart Chakra

Fire of God: Three Fold Flame in Your Heart

The Threefold flame is the flame of Christ, the spark of life burning in the secret chamber of your heart. The trinity of power, wisdom and love is the manifestation of the Sacred Fire of God. Valentine

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chart of the divine self

Chart of Your Mighty God Presence

Chart of Your Mighty God Presence       This is the picture the divine you, your real and living self. Hovering above is your Mighty God Presence, a fire infolding itself, a power more stupendous

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Secret Chamber

Opening Your Heart Chakra to Increase Mastery

Opening your heart chakra is the most important chakra to increase your mastery. It is the sun of Christ, your Holy Christ Self. You begin with the heart as the seat of your Christ consciousness. The heart

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