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How to Clear All Your Chakras using Decrees

The action required to clear your chakras is achieved through the mighty flame of Purity. Purity is the fourth Ray of God.  The color of this ray is a dazzling white light, best focused in the diamond.

By the flow of purity, your soul can bring forth that which otherwise remains sealed in your causal body, the spheres within spheres of pulsating life energy surrounding the Divine Monad of the Higher Self. The causal body surrounds your God-Presence, your Higher Self.

Secret to Receiving the Gifts of the Spirit

The soul that swims in the sunlight of God, content to absorb the energies of the higher sphere, the causal body of life, is the soul that comes forth in Mater with attainment, with mastery, and with the gifts of the Spirit to impart to a world impoverished, darkened, and disjointed.

Beloved Mighty Astrea along with her Twin Flame Purity, is one of the Seven Elohim ministering to this world. Astrea wields a Circle and Sword of Blue Flame. This circle of Blue Fire clears your chakras and misuse of God’s Energy on all levels of your being.

“The circle of Blue fire … appear(s) as the action of blue white lightning flashing around souls, planets, solar systems and galaxies – wherever there is a need for the reinforcement of the will of God.”

The decree to Astrea can be given daily. The action of this clears your chakras, it clears out all the world’s energy you pick up during the day, and it frees you from the substance that sticks when God’s energy is not wisely used.

Decree to the Elohim of the Fourth Ray to Clear Your Chakras

Decree 10.14: To Beloved Mighty Astrea – “The Starry Mother”

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self of, by and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in the threefold flame burning within my heart, I call to beloved Mighty Astrea, beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water and earth! to lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame in, through, and around:

Insert 1: my four lower bodies, my electronic belt, my heart chakra and all of my chakras, my entire consciousness, being and world.

[Give your own insert for individuals or situations for which you are decreeing.]

Cut me loose and set me free (3x) from all that is less than God’s perfection and my own divine plan fulfilled.

1. O beloved Astrea, may God-purity Manifest here for all to see,
God’s divine will shining through
Circle and sword of brightest blue.

First chorus:*
Come now answer this my call
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue,
Blaze now, raise now, shine right through!

2. Cutting life free from patterns unwise,
Burdens fall off while souls arise
Into thine arms of infinite love,
Merciful shining from heaven above.

3. Circle and sword of Astrea now shine,
Blazing blue-white my being refine,
Stripping away all doubt and fear,
Faith and goodwill patterns appear

Second chorus:
Come now answer this my call,
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue,
Raise our youth now, blaze right through!

Third chorus:
Come now answer this my call,
Lock thy circle round us all.
Circle and sword of brightest blue,
Raise mankind now, shine right through!

And in full faith in consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest, right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all powerfully active, ever expanding and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the life and free. Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM.

**Give the entire decree once through, using the first chorus after each verse. Then give the verses again, using the second chorus after each one. Conclude by using the third chorus after each verse.**

Give the decree along with this song:

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