The Crown Chakra

Increase Mastery through your 7 Chakras the Crown Chakra

Your Crown Chakra

Of your 7 chakras, the crown chakra is where you are intended to experience the mind of God. Through the gift of intelligence you exercise the illumination of the Mind of Christ and attain the enlightenment of the Buddha.

The goal of self-mastery is the flowering of the “thousand-petaled lotus” of the crown. The firing of your crown with wisdom creates a magnet. This magnet draws the energies of the Mother up from the base of the spine, through each of the seven chakras, to the crown chakra.

The Crown Chakra

The Second Ray is the ray of God’s Wisdom. The thousand-petaled crown chakra is the wisdom center in man. The color of this ray is brilliant yellow. Archangel Jophiel, as the Archangel of the Second Ray, initiates you in the uses of wisdom in your crown chakra.

You misuse the mind of God when you take his knowledge to manipulate and subjugate other people. You use knowledge for control, for selfish reasons to amass wealth, and without contributing to the world good. When you misuse crown chakra energy, you are cut off from your Higher mind. That is why the apostle said, “Let that mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.”

How to Clear Your 7 Chakras the Crown Chakra

Use this violet flame mantra to clear your crown chakra and begin to access the Mind of God:
My crown chakra is a lotus of Violet Fire,

My crown chakra is the Purity God desires!

Gemstones for the Crown Chakra:

  • Yellow Diamond
  • Topaz
  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Semi-precious stones such as:
  • Yellow jade
  • Yellow calcite

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