Keys to 7 Chakras and Chakra Colors

What is Chakra?

Energy is distributed throughout your body via a network of spiritual centers known as the 7 chakras. 
Each of these 7 chakras has a specific chakra color and focus of energy.

Chakra (Sanskrit) means “wheel of the law”.

Chakras are not static points of light. The 7 Chakras are dynamic energy centers 
constantly taking in and sending out spiritual light and energy.

Chakras are the primary centers of the energy network 
flowing through your body.

This is the Age of the Quest for your Inner Reality. . .

Your inner reality can be found in 
the seven spheres,
the 7 chakras within your temple. . .

Chakras are spheres of energy within your etheric body.

The Etheric body is the highest vibrating body of your physical being.

Chakras are congruent with your physical temple and chakras are spiritual centers.

Each one of these 7 chakras 
is a temple.
It is a chalice.
It is a sphere.

When you attune to these inner temples
You begin the path leading you back to God.

By Your Chakras You Can Experience God
So energy goes to the seven planes of being, to your seven chakras.

Your chakras are meant 
to be whirling, dynamic light-energy centers. 

It is through these seven energy centers 
the spiritual energy from your Higher Self enters your body. 
This light keeps you energized, alive, vital and healthy. 

About Me

7 Chakras using the correct chakra colors can make all the difference in your meditation and spiritual path.

I began visualizing and using these chakra colors many, many years ago.

These chakra colors come from the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and they are the true spiritual colors. The colors represent the colors of your highest self, your Mighty God Presence.