Where Does Your 7 Chakra Energy Come From?

All energy descends from your God Presence – Your I AM Presence. So the energy to your 7 chakras descends from your God Presence, your mighty I AM Presence.

From the white fire core of your I AM Presence there descends a crystal clear stream of energy. It is called the crystal cord.

The crystal cord comes out of your I AM Presence, descends through your Christ Self and anchors its energy in your heart and heart chakra.

This crystal cord is the river of life from your God Presence which nourishes the spark of God in your heart. The spark of God is a three fold flame and it is the seed of the presence of God in you.

So, out of your God Presence there descends your spiritual material energy. This energy descends as far as your heart and heart chakra. Your heart chakra then distributes the energy to the remaining six chakras and to your four lower bodies.

Heart Chakra

Within your heart, your three-fold flame is the source of energy, your spiritual-material energy.

You decide every moment how you will use this energy. You impress upon this crystal cord the energies from your thoughts, your feelings, your words and actions.

You create your world moment by moment as you use the energy God gives to you freely.

Will you choose to use it wisely and well, or not?

The way you use this energy determines whether or not 
you fulfill the vow you made to serve God in this life.

All of life is energy. Mystics have defined God as light, as energy and as the flow of that light and energy. The first letter of John in the New Testament proclaimed “God is light.” “In each atom,” says another mystic (Shabestari), “lies the blazing light of a thousand suns.”

The human body is only vitality, energy, and spirit…. If you want to learn the Great Way, you must value the three treasures. –Lü Yen

The goal of pursuing your spiritual path is union with your higher self, 
to unite with your Christ Self so you can make a great contribution to life.

The way you use the energy of God responsibly is to begin to use the Science of the Spoken Word in your life.