Thank you so much for requesting this guide,
 the true colors of the chakras…
Meditation and contemplation of the ideas and images serves
 to anchor higher consciousness
 in your mind’s eye.

Are you visualizing your chakras using old colors?

Update your inner images for your chakras using these, the true higher consciousness colors of the chakras.

You Are a person of Great Divinity
And you deserve to be aware of the true higher colors for your chakras which come out of the Mind of God…

As you see the inner colors correctly, you will put on
 more and more of your divine light.

You are a Being of Great Light who is here on earth:

  • to pass your tests,
  • balance your karma and
  • ascend back to heaven.

Use this beautiful chart to begin to increase your Light body.

Your next steps:

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Feel free to contact me about 
anything concerning the material.
Please enjoy….
You are important to me.

I look forward to long and wonderful interactions.

I am so grateful you are in my life…

Your Sister on the Path

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