Your Spiritual Anatomy

chart of the divine self Chart of the I AM Presence

Your Divine Self





Your Divine Self

This is the picture of the divine you.
Hovering above you is your God Presence, a fire infolding itself,
a power more stupendous
than nuclear energy
because it is the atom of Spirit
interpenetrating the atom of matter.

This chart shows a descent of energy.

From the center of God there descends
a crystal-clear stream of energy,
called the crystal cord.

Your Crystal Cord comes out of Spirit,
descends through your Christ Self and
anchors the energy from God in your heart.

The crystal cord is your resource,
your spiritual and material energy
to use wisely and well.

Your heart is the chalice for this crystal clear energy.


3 fold flame

The Threefold Flame of Your Heart

This is you with your chakras purified,
a great light for the world.

The chakra colors are pure,
the color of your chakras when you are one with your Highest Self, your Real Self.

These colors are the ones released from the Ascended Masters
as they appear in the etheric body,
the highest vibrating of your four lower bodies.

Other colors represented typically are colors with
an impure overlay on the chakra.
Those chakras and chakra colors represent
the unpurified state of human consciousness.

This chart of the chakra man shows
the color of the light emitted by the chakras
when purified and balanced,
the yang and the yin of the whirling T’ai Chi.

These chakras spin and whirl and can be chalices for Light.

The colors correlate to
the seven rays of the causal body,
the seven color bands,
spheres within spheres surrounding the I AM Presence,
the upper figure in
the Chart of Your Divine Self.

The seven chakras release God’s energy.

Your spiritual chakras are coordinates of infinity anchored in your body.

The Crown Chakra – Yellow

The goal of self-mastery is the flowering of the “thousand-petaled lotus” of the crown chakra. True wisdom is when you attain your crown consciousness.

The Third-Eye Chakra – Emerald Green

Your third eye, vibrating the emerald green of the science of truth,
gives you the immaculate picture of individuals and civilizations,
of the divine pattern of all life.

The Throat Chakra – Blue

is your power center. Anything out of your throat chakra coalesces in form, by the action of the power of the spoken Word.

The Heart Chakra – Pink

The most important chakra is your heart chakra. Your heart is burning with the pink fires of love.

The Solar-Plexus Chakra – Purple & Gold

means the “place of the sun.”  The solar plexus is where your emotions can realize the peace of Jesus Christ and Buddha.

The Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra – Violet Flame

is where your soul is anchored to your etheric body and physical body. The seat of the soul chakra focuses the violet flame of freedom, transmutation and forgiveness.

The Base-of-the-Spine Chakra – White

is the white light of the Mother energy. The physical plane is a manifestation of Mother because here Spirit focalizes in matter: it is mater-realization or materialization.