By bringing violet flame into your life,
you clean up debris in and around your chakras.
You increase chakra balancing and
accelerate the flow of light through your chakras.

When you really understand all the benefits
the violet flame could do for you,
you will realize
you have 
the Elixir of Life and
You would give violet flame every day.

As you recite violet flame mantras and decrees,
visualize all your chakras 
filled with light and energy.

As you repeat the words
A momentum and
A spiral of energy is created.
It increases as you concentrate and
Repeat the words.

Your Chakras are out of Balance. . .

You need Chakra Balancing

Because of your karma. . .

Karma lodges in the
cells and molecules and atoms of your being.
It appears as flecks of dust, soot or crystallized substance
with negative vibrations.

This is exactly how 
karma clogs your being,
your body, the earth, the water, the air.

This is why you feel burdened and
why your vibrations go down. . .

The Definition of Vibration

. . .is the rate of the spin of the electrons
around the atoms of your being.

What happens is the density of your consciousness,
because it’s God’s light you misqualify,
accumulates as fine dust or smog
between those wide open spaces of the electrons,
so they slow down,
they can’t move easily.

The rate of revolution of the electron
around the nucleus
determines your personal vibration.

The more you have light and the violet flame
the more you accelerate,
the more you have energy,
there is a new joy in your life
because the electrons themselves
are enjoying that
cosmic spin you give them.

The heavy substance between the electrons 
has been compared to molasses or asphalt hardened or to
clumps of substance.

If you look at the chakras in the picture –
see where those chakras are in your body.

Physical Problems = Chakra Karma

Where they are in your body means
if you have problems in that area of the body
you are dealing with the karma
you have made on that ray
which corresponds to that chakra.

Let’s say you have a chest problem in the lungs.
You would associate that with
the heart chakra and the throat chakra.
So, you would work on clearing those two chakras and
also a scientific application of diet.

The most scientific and satisfactory diet
that parallels diet of the ancient Eastern adepts
given to us today is the macrobiotic diet,
because it seeks to restore the balance of yin and yang,
or Alpha and Omega.

At the Royal Teton Ranch
we practice the macrobiotic diet
according to the disciplines of the Ascended Masters.

You will find
if you can restore balance in your physical body,
the physical body and atoms can
contain more light and
therefore you have strength and
balance physically
to carry more light in your chakras.

Balance in Your Physical Body
Results in Chakra Balancing.

This is a very physical path of self-mastery you can walk under the Ascended Masters.
Prophet, E. C. (1988). Lecture, San Diego, CA.

Why Violet Flame Decrees Work

When you decree
you are commanding
the flow of energy from
Spirit to matter
for personal and world transformation.

You are not just asking for help —
You are entering into
a dynamic interactive partnership
your Father-Mother God.

As you give Violet Flame mantras daily,
you’ll find yourself moving with greater freedom,
liberated from burdens weighing you down.

You will think more clearly and act more decisively.
You will be able to connect more easily
with your Higher Self
whenever you are in need of guidance or direction.

Violet Flame Decrees for
Chakra Balancing

Heart, Head and Hand Decrees

Violet Fire, thou Love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou are mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you. (3x)

I AM Light, thou Christ in me,
Set my mind forever free;
Violet Fire forever shine
Deep within this mind of mine.

God who give my daily bread,
With Violet Fire fill my head
Till thy radiance heavenlike
Makes my mind a mind of Light. (3x)

I AM the hand of God in action,
Gaining Victory every day;
My pure soul’s great satisfaction
Is to walk the Middle Way. (3x)

Tube of Light
Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your Tube of Light
From Ascended Master flame
Called forth now in God’s own name.
Let it keep my temple free
From all discord sent to me.

I AM calling forth Violet Fire
To blaze and transmute all desire,
Keeping on in Freedom’s name
Till I AM one with the Violet Flame. (3x)

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving grace. (3x)

I AM free from fear and doubt,
Casting want and misery out,
Knowing now all good Supply
Ever comes from realms on high.

I AM the hand of God’s own Fortune
Flooding forth the treasures of Light,
Now receiving full Abundance
To supply each need of Life. (3x)

I AM Life of God-Direction,
Blaze thy light of Truth in me.
Focus here all God’s Perfection,
From all discord set me free.

Make and keep me anchored ever
In the Justice of thy plan-
I AM the Presence of Perfection
Living the Life of God in man! (3x)

I AM changing all my garments,
Old ones for the bright new day;
With the Sun of Understanding
I AM shining all the way.

I AM Light within, without;
I AM Light is all about.
Fill me, free me, glorify me!
Seal me, heal me, purify me!

Until transfigured they describe me:
I AM shining like the Son,
I AM shining like the Sun! (3x)

I AM the Flame of Resurrection
Blazing God’s pure Light through me.
Now I AM raising every atom,
From every shadow I AM free.

I AM the Light of God’s full Presence,
I AM living ever free.
Now the flame of Life eternal
Rises up to Victory. (3x)

I AM Ascension Light,
Victory flowing free,
All of Good won at last
For all eternity.

I AM Light, all weights are gone.
Into the air I raise;
To all I pour with full God Power
My wondrous song of praise.

All hail! I AM the living Christ,
The ever-loving One.
Ascended now with full God Power,
I AM a blazing Sun! (3x)

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

Head, Heart and Hand Decrees with Visualizations