The Release of God’s Energy 

From the Seat-of-the-Soul-Chakra is
the Violet Flame of Freedom.

The violet flame is a spiritual flame.
It works with your spiritual energy centers, your chakras.
The key to chakra healing is giving violet flame decrees consistently.

Here the seven main chakras are pictured on this woman running on the beach.

It is through your seven centers
the spiritual energy from your Higher Self
enters your body.
You can see how the flow is depicted on her and
how the light branches out into her body.

A century ago the mystic Charles W. Leadbeater wrote
“undeveloped chakras appear like
small circles about two inches in diameter,
glowing dully…
but when 
chakras are awakened and vivified
they are 
seen as blazing, sparkling whirlpools,
increased in size and
resembling miniature suns.”

Your chakras are meant to be
whirling, dynamic light-energy centers.

Undeveloped Chakras are
because of your karma.
Karma is negative energy
in and around your chakras
blocks the flow of light.

Karma creates a traffic jam in your chakras.

In a “chakra traffic jam”
light may move on the periphery of the chakra,
but the center of the chakra is blocked and
the energy is stuck.

When you use
Violet Flame mantras and decrees,
that flame cleans your chakras and
increases the flow of light.

Chakra healing happens with
regular violet flame decrees and prayers.

Violet Flame Chakra Meditation

with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

7 chakrasI AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My heart is a chakra of violet fire,
My heart is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My throat chakra is a wheel of violet fire,
My throat chakra is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My solar plexus is a sun of violet fire,
My solar plexus is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My third eye is a center of violet fire,
My third eye is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My soul chakra is a sphere of violet fire,
My soul is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My crown chakra is a lotus of violet fire,
My crown chakra is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires! (3x)
My base chakra is a fount of violet fire,
My base chakra is the purity God desires! (3x)

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires! (multiple times)

You can keep accelerating the decree
until you can’t hear the words anymore.
This has to do with the acceleration of light in you. . .

The Chohan of the seventh ray – the Violet Flame, is beloved Saint Germain.

He tells us:

“Wherever you are, as you read my words
you can begin to experience
the marvelous action of the violet fire
coursing through your veins,
penetrating the layers of the physical temple–
the bloodstream, the nervous system, the brain–
pressing through the chakras,
swirling through the etheric body,
passing over the pages of the written record
of your incarnations on earth.

Line by line, letter by letter, 
the flame–
intelligent, luminous, directed by the mind of God–
sets free the energies, electron by electron,
of all past misuses of the sacred fire.

And thus not one jot or tittle of the law of karma
shall pass until all be fulfilled in
the freedom of the violet fire.….”

What Happens when Violet Fire is Applied

“Now let us examine what happens
when the specific of the violet fire
applied to
the recalcitrant conditions of
the human consciousness.

When, as an act of your free will,
you make the call to the violet flame and
you surrender 
these unwanted, untoward conditions
into the (violet) flame,
the fire instantaneously begins the work of
breaking down particles of substance
that are part of the mass accumulation of
hundreds and even thousands of incarnations
when in ignorance you allowed to register–
through your consciousness,
through your attention,
thoughts and feelings, words and actions–
all of the degrading conditions to
which the human race is heir…..

When the violet flame is invoked,
it loosens the dense substance and
passes through and
transforms that darkness into light.

Since every human condition is
the perversion of a divine condition,
line for line, measure for measure,
the human consciousness is changed into the divine and
the energy that was locked in pockets of mortality
freed to enter the sockets of immortality.”

How to Ascend to
Planes of Higher Consciousness

“And each time a measure of energy is freed,
a measure of a man ascends to
the plane of God-awareness…..

The violet flame forgives as it frees,
consumes as it transmutes,
clears the records of past karma
(thus balancing your debts to life),
equalizes the flow of energy
between yourself and other lifestreams and
propels you into the arms of the living God.

Day by day you are ascending higher and higher
in the planes of consciousness of your Christ Self
you use the scrubbing action of the violet flame and
feel how the very walls of your mental body are scoured.

You can think of the action in your desire body as
your emotions were being dunked in 
a chemical solution of purple liquid 
dissolves the dirt that has 
accumulated for decades about 
the latticework of your feeling world.”
Saint Germain. (1975). Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 18 No. 6

The Science of Energy Flow

All of life is energy. . .

Mystics define God as light,
as energy and as the flow of that light and energy.

The first letter of John in the New Testament proclaims
“God is light.”

“In each atom,” said Shabestari, “lies the blazing light of a thousand suns.”

For Lao Tzu,
the definition of the Universal Spirit was
flow, movement.

Life coursing through
your veins, your mind, your heart
is energy, is movement,
is God.

There is a Natural Order

Lao Tzu says 
there is a natural order
to the universe and to your life.
When you work against that natural order
you create inharmony and unhappiness.

The choice is yours.

At every moment the crystal clear stream of life 
to you from your Source in its natural rhythm.
This energy is distributed 
first to your heart center and
then to your other chakras.

It is the life-force that beats your heart,
gives you the impetus to grow and evolve, and
energizes the organs and systems of your body.

balance chakrasYou Choose How to Use Energy from God

You always have free will.
You can express this energy in a positive way or
You can upset the natural flow by
acting out of sync with your spiritual nature.

These choices have consequences.

When you use energy to think, feel or act
in ways that are positive,
You attract to yourself more positive energy,
as if priming the pump.

When you mold that energy in ways
not true to your inner nature,
You create mental and emotional toxins 
block energy flow.

Just as physical toxins and substances 
like cholesterol plaque can build up in your arteries and veins,
choking off the vital supply of blood,
so mental and emotional toxins
collect energetically in and around your chakras
and inhibit the free flow of energy within you.

Because each chakra 
externalizes the energy it receives
through a different gland and area of the body,
these blockages affect your health,
causing you to become fatigued, depressed or ill.

Or maybe you just can’t seem to get
where you want to go in life.

Overstimulating a chakra – by placing continual stress on it; 
under stimulating – by ignoring and weakening it; or
depleting its natural vitality – by unwisely expending its energy;
can all create blockages in your body’s energetic system.

Everything is Connected

Since your energy centers are interconnected,
what happens is one chakra
affects your entire energy system.
If any one center is blocked,
it can throw off the rest of the system.

The condition of your chakras
impacts those you interact with,
Because the energy of your chakras
colors and helps create
the electromagnetic forcefield or aura
which surrounds you.

This energy field
interpenetrates and influences
the energy field of those around you–
for better or for worse.
You know how it feels to be around someone
who is kind, cheerful and loving
in comparison to someone 
who is depressed or grouchy.

Either way, it can be contagious. . .