7 chakras and 7 bodies

7 Chakras, 7 Bodies, 7 Chakra Colors

The 7 chakras are for
the release of God’s energy.
Each purified chakra color is found in a ring of your Causal Body
your treasure in heaven.

These centers are seven planes of consciousness.

You experience God in different frequencies.

Energy from these seven centers is either used correctly or incorrectly.

To correctly use energy means
to put upon it your personal vibration
yet to allow that energy
to retain its intrinsic perfect balance.

This experiencing of God
enables you to become God,
to know God, to be filled with God, and
to totally put on the consciousness of God.
You cannot put on immortality as mortals.

What, then, is worthy to inherit God?
Only God is worthy of God.

Unless you sense yourself in and as God,
you will not consider yourself to be worthy of God.

The centers of God-awareness are coordinates of infinity anchored in your body.

These centers are the spinning wheels within wheels of your 7 chakras.
When you purify your 7 chakras, the colors emitted are the ones in the picture.

What inherits immortal life is
the immortal flow of God which
you make your own through your chakras.

While the entire aura is encircled by rings which emanate from your heart,
within your aura there are released concentric rings of the color rays
from each of the other chakras.

These are according to the petals and their corresponding color frequencies
that are designated for each of the chakras.

The chakra, number of petals and colors are as follows:

Seat of the Soul Chakra
Seat of the Soul Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Heart: petals, 12; color – pink.

Heart ChakraThe Heart Chakra

Secret Chamber
Secret Chamber of the Heart

  • Throat: petals, 16; color – blue.

Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra

The Third-Eye Chakra
The Third-Eye Chakra

  • Crown: petals, 972; color – yellow.

The Crown Chakra
The Crown Chakra

“Here is the vision of the wheels within wheels that was beheld by the prophet Ezekiel.

Indeed, the chakras are wheels whereby the energies of God are released to and from your being for the integration of solar awareness in the planes of God’s own Self-awareness.”
Djwal Kul. (1974). The Human Aura.

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