The Heart Chakra

The twelve-petaled heart chakra is
the most important chakra.

From the heart chakra,
the energy of life that descends to you
from your I AM Presence
over the crystal cord and
through the blessed mediator, your beloved Christ Self,
is distributed to the other six major chakras and
to the five minor chakras (of the secret rays),
then to all the cells and nerve centers in your four lower bodies.

Your heart is where the pink fires of love burn brightly.

It is the seat of illumined conscience and
the authority of God’s will
that you make your own
by love’s discernment and
wisdom’s true discrimination.

Your heart is a focus of the Great Central Sun.
God made it so.
When you keep your heart in the vibration of Christ’s love as compassion for all life,
you discover all life is one.
For out of the heart are the issues of all life that lead to the One Source.
Adapted from Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 43, No. 49.

“The Magnet that You Create within

the Heart Chakra is the Ascending Triangle

And the more you meditate upon
this triangle superimposed upon the heart chakra,
the more it becomes the reality of
the dimensions of the Sacred Trinity,
embodied in the threefold flame
sealed in the hidden chamber of the heart.

As surely as the call compels the answer,
so the presence of this forcefield, of this triangle,
combined with the letters of living flame
will draw the descending triangle of God’s consciousness
into your heart chakra.
And the merging of Creator and creation
through the intercession of the Christ Self
is the foundation of our exercise
whereby the aura of man becomes the aura of God.”
Djwal Kul. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 17, No. 37.

Link to Divinity

The heart is your soul’s link to divinity.

Your God-Presence placed a spiritual flame
—the essence of itself—
into your heart.
This flame is the essence of God,
because your I AM Presence
is an emanation of God.

Right within your body temple are
three fiery plumes of the Holy Spirit,
pink, yellow, and blue pulsations of living flame.
Thus the heavenly Trinity gains expression in the world of material form.
The energies of Father (blue),
Son (yellow), and
Holy Spirit (pink) are resplendent in the heart of man.

Corresponding with the trinity of body,
mind, and soul,
the threefold flame supplies your needs for:

  • Power to run your body (the faith and goodwill of the divine intent)
  • Wisdom to nourish your mind (illumination and the right use of the knowledge of the Law)
  • Love as compassion is rewarded by creative fulfillment of your destiny in conscious outer manifestation.

The flame within the heart is
your personal focus of the sacred fire of God.

It is your opportunity to
become one with your Higher Self,
whether you call it the Christ, the Buddha, the Tao or the Atman.

It is the potential of your Divinity waiting to burst into being within your humanity.

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