Your Real Inner Self – The I AM Presence – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“This is the Chart of Your Divine Self.

“This is the image and likeness of God in you.  As you are seated here right now, you are represented by the lower figure in the Chart.

Above you in the center is a figure looking like the Christ, Jesus.  It is the figure of the Universal Christ individualized, ever present with you.

This Chart is a great comfort because it also teaches us that in the upper figure we have the presence of the Father whom we are never without.

So, you are a trinity in manifestation.

And most of you is living and dwelling at a higher vibration, at a more accelerated level of consciousness that is called your Higher Consciousness.

The point of the I AM THAT I AM that Moses beheld is above.

Jesus, the Son of man, realized and embodied the fullness of the Word who is in the center.

You as the lower figure are intended to be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

And so, all of your life is the celebration of that Holy Spirit in your sacred labor, your profession, your calling, your having families, your relationships, your recreation.

Everything you do, twenty-four hours a day, is a communion with the Holy Spirit.  With that joy in your heart there is no more sorrow or depression or need for drugs or other kinds of stimuli, because the Holy Spirit is the greatest stimulus and the greatest power there is to help us reunite with our Lord.

What I would like to tell you about the misconceptions that have been handed down to us by church councils, centuries after the ascension of our beloved Jesus, have to do with that Christ and that I AM Presence.

(John 1:14) John speaks of beholding the glory of the only begotten Son of God in Jesus.  There is only one Son of God and that is the Universal Christ.

Jesus our brother was the Son of man, even as you are Mary the son of man, or Joe or Jim or Bill the son of man.  It means we are the sun of manifestation, the s-u-n.

We are the sun of manifestation of our I AM Presence and our beloved Holy Christ Self.  So, we are the manifestation here below and intended to be the manifestation of the Trinity.

Jesus, then, had the perfect realization of the Son of God.  He was born to that mission and he fulfilled it.  The Son of God is the Universal Light that descends from the Father.  Christos is a Greek word.  It means the “one anointed by the light of God.”  So they called him Jesus the Christ, Jesus, the Anointed One. And in his time they were all looking, who was the Anointed One, who was the (Matt. 11:3) one who truly embodied the I AM Presence.  ”Art thou he, or look we for another?”

They were looking for the one who embodied that universal Light of the I AM THAT I AM whom they would call Lord because he did so embody that Light.

The meaning of the word Lord is very simple.  A long time ago after Moses gave (Exod. 3:15) us the name I AM THAT I AM and said, “This is my name for ever, and a memorial to all generations,” it was nevertheless decided that this name was not for the people and should never be pronounced.

Well, it is the pronouncing of I AM THAT I AM that releases the full flood tide of that I AM Presence in you by the power of the spoken Word.

So, to deny the people the speaking of that Word denies them the power of the Word.

So, in the place of I AM THAT I AM in the Bible, they took the first letters of the Hebrew form of this verb to be, YOD HE VAU HE, y-h-v-h, and wrote in the English version, Lord.  L-o-r-d stands for I AM THAT I AM wherever you see it throughout the Old Testament.

(Deut. 6:4) So when we say, “Hear, O Israel:  The LORD our God is one LORD,” we are talking about the one I AM Presence.  What we have to realize is that the one Lord and the one God was able to take that name as the very vibrancy of himself and create the greatest memorial for us that ever could be created, His own image and his own presence individualized for you and for me.

God is with you now as the beloved Father, as your I AM Presence right above you.  And as you commune with that Father, the Father comes very close.

And so, the great sphere of life descends, that Great Causal Body, and you can see the Spirit cosmos meshing with your lower self. That’s how you feel when you’ve been in meditation or in church or simply thinking about God and loving his creation, that spiritual feeling that God is nigh.  (James 4:8)

And so, it is written in scripture, Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you.  So, God is one God but personified, individualized for each of us.”

End of Video transcript.