How to Manifest
Higher Consciousness

To manifest higher consciousness you must unlock the energy of God which is the spark of life in your heart, the threefold flame of your Real Self. The power of the light focused in your heart is the Central Sun of your being. The light in your heart is the distributing point for light throughout the seven major chakras in your being, the five minor chakras and the remaining points of light which total 144 centers or chakras.

Align Chakras to Increase Higher Consciousness

When you make contact with your Real Self, it is like the bursting forth of a fountain of light and of an energy coil that envelops your entire being and becomes a spiral of a higher self-awareness, of higher consciousness.

If you can bring your seven chakras into alignment with the power of the seven rays, then you have the potential for manifesting your higher consciousness.

The seven chakras are distributing centers of light. Each chakra has a different frequency to attune you with a different level or plane of God’s consciousness. You are given the gift of these seven major chakras as distributing centers of light so you can have God where you are without being annihilated.

The power of the seven rays in your chakras is given to you in order to relate to the divine. By this light within, you can walk with God, you can be the Christ in manifestation. If you desire to come up higher in consciousness, you desire to understand more of God and to be more of God within your heart and mind and soul. It takes an ascended master to convey that necessary light, to convey an increment of energy, an increment of the mind of God that will give you that expanded self-awareness.
Adapted from Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Seven Rays and Seven Chakras, unpublished lecture, 1972.

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